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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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2014, omar gonzalez actually got inside the white house. a major microscope on the secret service and its ability to respond to white house jumpers and intruders. it looks like this guy is now under arrest. they are now investigating to find out who he is and why he came here. richard reid, abc 7 news. kimberly: thank you. sign up to receive breaking news alerts on your cell phone. and enter your cell phone number. giving thanks for giving back. thousands of people who would go without a meal will not thanks to the generosity of others. horace: brianne carter takes us to one station in arlington. >> that are 30 total trays. reporter: the knights of columbus in arlington were prepping more than 1500 meals of turkey and all the trimmings for people in need.
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knight-generation brought his son this morning. >> i started off when i was about 11 or 12 years old. it was his birthday last week. he was the first one up this morning and he woke me up to come prepare the meal. reporter: they are cut up and prepared for them you later on today. usually it's about 300 turkeys they have donated. this year more than 400 were prepared for this thanksgiving. organizations have passed on the generosity. >> we found a home for the rest of. reporter: the more than three tons of turkey were either be packed up and delivered to people who are homebound. or served this afternoon to those who might otherwise spend this holiday alone. in arlington, brianne carter, abc 7 news. kimberly: mayor muriel bowser is doing her part to help this
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thanks giving. homelessd food to the at the busboys and poets location on u street in northwest. horace: some families plan to burn off the turkey and fixings by shopping. this year they are rejecting the idea of shopping on thanksgiving. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is joining us live in alexandria to explain. just a few minutes ago this was the end of the line at the best buy at potomac yard. but the line keeps growing and it will as we get closer to the opening at 5:00. this started about noon today and it is grown considerably. we're looking at hundreds right now. people looking for laptops, televisions and every now -- else. we've seen the black friday crazed slighted to thursday's but this year there's been backlash. rei closed all of its stores
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today and tomorrow and paid its employees not to work and enjoy the outdoors and spend time with the family. other retailers, including gamestop bed bath & beyond are open tomorrow. we spoke with the spending today waiting on line like those here at best buy and others spending the day at the park, applauding companies who are closed. agree if theyy are willing and able to make the sacrifice so that employees can and joy the same day off, then i wanted to percent supportive of them for making that decision -- 100% supportive. >> i need to be here. that is one way of looking at it. both sides are respectful of the other saying to each other own. thumbs up? feeling good?
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ready to get in there and get that deal? coming up we will show you something on live television. you will not want to miss until then, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. horace: that is a teaser sure. -- tease for sure. for those shoppers waiting up we have a list of hours and it deals on ♪ kimberly: you know what that means? the 89th annual macy's is giving day parade hit the streets of new york today. participants, including clowns, balloon handlers and marching bands travel throughout the city. security was high as you can imagine with extra 200 officers, explosive sniffing dogs and radiation detectors used to detect a possible radiation threat. a crowd of more than 3 million was expected. horace: i'm about to go.
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kimberly: it's just as good on tv. [laughter] horace: today would've been a great day to go. kimberly: absolutely beautiful. let's check in with brian with what is ahead. brian: we will do it again tomorrow. spectacular day today. it was beautiful. blue skies as we look at the weatherbug network. it was an awesome day. loving it. low 60's right now from falls church. 51 and centreville. -- in centreville. 60 right now it is water. our temperatures are the 60's and will drop back a little later this evening. a few scattered clouds will be billed again and later on we could see a little bit of fog. looking at the nation's midsection, we are watching a line of showers drifting to the south. that eventually may bring us some spotty rain but it doesn't look like too big a video.
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50's. this evening a little bit patchy fog later on tonight. temperatures will fall in downtown. once the fog burns off tomorrow i looks like a day for all the -- a good day from the black friday shopping. anything you have outside to the pleasant. the highs back into the middle 50's, 10 degrees above or should be. the trouble home forecast coming up. horace: president obama delivers his weekly address this thanksgiving. you think our troops for their courage and listed other things to be think before, including food, family and football. he urged families to accept syrian refugees. president obama: there is no refugee that can enter our border until they go to the highest security checks for anyone traveling in the united eights. that was the case -- united states. that was the case before paris and now. and what happened in paris has not stopped americans are opening their arms anyway.
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administration was to except of the next year. kimberly: we are following several new development in the war on terror. in brussels, the threat alert has been lowered to the second-highest level as we learned up three new raids. the president of france and russia met today. lana zak has the latest. reporter: france and russia say the are united. vladimir putin placed greater cooperation. enemy, hollande said. they arrived at the coast of syria. they also the plaintiff -- deployed a sophisticated system despite cooperation there is no agreement on the role of syrian leader assad. nearly two weeks after the terror attacks in france and
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less than one week since radical islamic terrorists stormed a , the in mali international community is mobilizing in the fight. david cameron worked to convince the british parliament to join the fight. >> the military advice from the diplomatic advice, and security advice all says yes, that the risk of inaction are greater. in brussels the threat of attack is no longer considered immigrant -- eminent. >> we are trying to back to our lives, children going back to school. >> it's hard not to be more skittish when there are 70 arms people around. although i am grateful. in germany to individuals were arrested with possible ties to terror. the german government also pledging to send additional jets to assess the french -- assist the french. horace: the recent terror attacks are certainly a concern for the traveling over the holidays.
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stephen tschida joins us live at union station with reactions. reporter: this is what we are seeing. you can check this out behind me. a real strong security presence. bomb sniffing dogs walking through every second. this is what travelers are encountering across the country at airports and rail stations like union station. beefed up security. we talked with some travelers to set the lines were really painful this morning because of the safety measures but they did set out as the day progressed. some said they do not change the behavior because they said facing a threat like we do today, they don't know what they could do to avoid becoming a victim. because they mind can be in a car. at a restaurant. anywhere. where are we safe? live at union station. more police presence here.
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very prominent throughout the day and continuing even though the crowds and crush of travelers we saw earlier today has definitely thinned. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. kimberly: new information undershooting of prince george's county. he was found with multiple gunshot wounds in a driveway along belle haven drive in landover just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon. he then died at the scene. detectives don't believe this was a random shooting and they are offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. 4:00, it is a at picture that's getting a lot of attention. what is this object on mars? but one image or astronomer is saying. -- plus, whatwhat is thanksgiving without football? we will take you to the turkey bowl in d.c.
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kimberly: we've been asking what you are think before this holiday. arlene wrote, "emily's, health, life. god has blessed me in so many ways." we will share more answers with you throughout the newscast.
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horace: we are sharing some answers to our facebook post asking what you are thing for four. stephanie wrote, "thank will for the abc 7 wjla new steam." kimberly: we threw her a softball, diddley? -- didn't we? runners in arlington got a head start on shutting the holiday pounds for a good cause. more than 4000 people participated in the 10th annual turkey trot this morning. the 5k benefits five local charities for the needy in the homeless. if you are on facebook, people were posting pictures all morning. the race organizers teamed up with small businesses in the area, giving runners special black friday at small business saturday deals. horace: how about a little pig
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skin? kimberly: we are talking with the 46 annual turkey bowl in d.c.. sam ford would not miss it. he is in southeast for all the fun. reporter: it was absolutely perfect for a football game, the annual turkey bowl championship of d.c. public high schools. bht wilson warriors -- >> guaranteed that. reporter: against the wilson high tigers. >> the tigers are going to win. >> i'm ready. reporter: mainly the fans of the two schools playing fill the stands, but not all. some just like the game, no matter who is play. >> every year. reporter: thousands spent part of the time with wilson. >> these athletes are hyped up. they are having a lot of fun. reporter: another thing about
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the turkey bowl, and the first quarter the stanza pretty empty. by halftime the place was mainly full as a packet to cheer. acked in to cheer. wilson added another win, 40-24. nobody was too upset. it was hometown football and a chance to see friends and cheer the team. for most folks turkey was still waiting at home. sam ford, abc 7 news. horace: congratulations. from a turkey to a mouse. i thought it was an elephant. kimberly: you were close. horace: taken this image captured by the curiosity rover. some believe this is a mouse discovered on the surface of mars. that would be huge. whatever it is. at this point no official announcement about the picture and what it is. kimberly: the mystery continues.
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oranga zoo is so limiting the birth of a rare monkey. they are native to china and vietnam but are nearly extinct because of poaching and habitat loss. this baby monkey and its parents are part of an international breeding program for endangered animals. horace: 5:00 is a time you have to be there for thanksgiving, you better hurry up. jamie sullivan, is ernie traffic? -- is there any traffic? jamie: there is. you're going to see grandma and grandpa at night, this is our traffic right now. on the inner loop of the capital beltway is slow. that's because of an accident. let's talk about this stretch. basically i would say approaching joint base andrews is where you will start to see some of the congestion. past that point you will see it
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right up to the wilson bridge. it does have traffic down to about nine mouse for our. andour heading south continuing to work you way towards joint base andrews, maybe next are 10-15 minutes. you will not miss the whole thing saving celebration. --thanksgiving celebration. continuing to the wilson bridge, about 17 minutes. on the outer loop we are clear on the northwest corner. if you do have the catch a flight, no problems heading out from 66 closer towards the dulles airport. if he had towards bwi or thanksgiving is in the baltimore area, heading there from d.c. we are clear on both the washington parkway and 95 through laurel. we are at about 65 miles per hour. kimberly: good day to travel. and alert for anyone using metro. trains will run on a sunday schedule with no scheduled track work.
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they will close at midnight. will operate on a sunday schedule and for metro access, paratransit will operate during the same hours as metrorail and metrobus. horace: thank you for this beautiful day. brian: it was great. the family was in town cooking the dinner. they get are getting little while to we went for a bike ride in our pjs. horace: i hope it was in your backyard. brian: my mother-in-law said he really think are going out there? it was beautiful. and we might do it again tomorrow. anything to get my vitamin d. a look at what is happening. the sun will be going out of less than 30 minutes. a few high clouds streaming in. tonight, a few more clouds and in some patchy fog. right now at reagan national airport, checking in at 61 degrees.
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it is superb out there. temperatures usually in the low-to-mid 50's. earlier in the week of the coolest morning since last march. gradually weaving -- we have seen temperatures come back up. leesburg to manassas, low 60's. 55 in annapolis. comfortable the matter how you slice it. snow in minneapolis to omaha. wichita seeing some unsettled weather. flood warnings in the portions of the south. ice storm warnings in a couple of spots. unsettled weather for the nation's midsection and it is tracking east and southeast. for friday, lots of sunshine. comfortable, warm, no issues other than a few clouds in morning fog. saturday the clouds become a little bit more thick. by saturday night into sunday a couple is wriggles here and there. it is not look -- a couple of sprinkles here in their. -- and there.
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a little fog possible of the morning. and the afternoon, partly sunny and mild. the weekend a little bit more unsettled. cool by sunday. the best his original probably be early next week. -- the best chance of rain will probably be early next week. ater on.: i have a here i am a wimp. for theprotesting shooting of a team by a police officer. used to: a big box steal from a big-box retailer.
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horace: protests are can -- expected to continue in chicago after the video released showing a police officer shooting a black teenager. kimberly: some protesters are fretting to disrupt lack friday shopping. -- black friday shopping. reporter: new video from the squad car shows the teenager running away during a pursue last year. moments later the officer gets out and mcdonald a shot 16 times in 15 seconds. we will not show you the entire video. it is reigniting protests across the city of chicago. demonstrators are bound to
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disrupt holiday shopping, angry over whether video was not ready -- made public for an entire year. to show thesible video immediately. reporter: he was charged with first-degree murder in the death. according to invisible institute, citizens filed at least 20 complaints against him since joining the force in 2001, including allegations of using excessive force and racial slurs. van dyke was not disciplined. abc news confirmed 18 complaints. is defense argues he feared for his life in this case. >> this is not a murder case. with more demonstrations expected, president obama is weighing in on facebook. " i was deeply disturbed by the footage and i'm grateful to the people of my hometown for keeping protests people -- peaceful." reporter: legal experts say
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these are difficult cases because you have to prove the officer intended serious bodily harm. kimberly: this next story is special. and oklahoma hospital is giving it thanksgiving gift to the victims in the october homecoming parade crash. four people were killed and 44 injured after one plowed her car through the crowd at the oklahoma state university homecoming. the local hospital says it is waiting all medical bills for people treated there after the crash. one survivor says her family expected to pay tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. insurance of battle you to finding out at least part of your cost are going to be waived, that is huge. kimberly: the hospital says the total cost equates to about $200,000. the driver accused of causing the crash is facing murder charges. horace: still ahead at 4:00,
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instead of giving some crooks are taking for thanksgiving. details of some turkey thieves caught in the act on camera. complete thanks giving meals are going out to people in need all across the city.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00, on your side. kimberly: when it is fitting his thanksgiving in jail, charged
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with stealing from cosco. horace: kevin lewis explains the elaborate scheme he used using the big-box store. reporter: will not witherspoon entered the cosco this month and emptied a box holding a child car seat. he went to the store and put stolen items like professional cameras, speakers and a lot of computer hard drives inside the box. and even went so far as to take a cosco pillow and for the pillow in the box to muffle the sound of all the loose items inside. and the cashier fell for the entire rooms. -- ruse. she scanned which he thought was the car seat box. he paid her $107 in cash and walked to the front door with $11,000 in stolen goods. detectives call this thievery boxed stuffing. police arrested him last week on a charge of felony theft after surveillance video and records
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identified him as the culprit. of $11,093. value that is somebody's wage and then some. >> i would not even think of doing that. reporter: coming up at 5:30, see what -- where he is the living and with the man who answered the door the house had to tell us today. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kimberly: just in time for isnksgiving, stop lift releasing surveillance videos of elected turkey bandits -- alleged turkey bandits. one item and self checkout and walks away with the turkey. and another self checkout, similar turkey theft. security experts say it's more likely at self checkout counters that headmanned counters -- than at manned counters. >> if no one is watching them
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and they may try it. if one item is either not wrong up or destroyed, -- kimberly: shoplifting costs an estimated $17 billion a year. losses that mean higher prices for consumers. horace: cameras are in the stores. places you don't know. kimberly: and self checkout is watched very closely. the weather is so good looking for this holiday. horace: brian van de graaff has the forecast. brian: i thought you said the weatherman is so good looking. [laughter] let's talk about what is happening. it is gorgeous. low to mid 60's. it is that what you would normally anticipate. we were talking last night that thanksgiving last year we had a trace of snow and 1.5 inches at dulles. looking beautiful out there. light southerly wind.
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all the area fairly similar. for washington is 63. potomac at 61. we are starting to see if you 50's get into the picture. 59 in winchester. a few scattered clouds will be building and later tonight and there could be a little bit of patchy fog. we are looking at the overall picture. high-pressure parked right across the area but is that moves off, clouds increase a little bit tomorrow. it will still be a good day with mild temperatures. a little bit of patchy fog tomorrow morning. in the afternoon we are talking mid 60's and mostly sunny skies. sunny, good, good in charleston. detroit and chicago will be a little unsettled if you're traveling that way tomorrow. we will be back in a little bit and talk about what is happening over the next seven days. horace: is called a labor of love. hundreds of volunteers making thanksgiving meals and
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delivering them to the sick. brad bell texas inside this food and friends event. reporter: this is pamela samuels' favorite holiday. but celebrating can be a challenge. this to be 50-year-old has been diagnosed with hiv, lymphoma and diabetes. money is tight. >> i get disability checks but it's only $600. high rate is $500. -- might rent is $500. reporter: that is why this site is such a blessing. >> happy thanksgiving! reporter: they are bringing a full meal and an army of volunteers. [up to the organized chaos that is who in france on thanksgiving day. 1988 they've been feeding those living with critical illnesses. executive chef says it is a labor of love. >> this is the ultimate. they had "top chef" on tv but
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this is where that. reporter: they've been preparing for days. here are the turkeys. everything they need to pack up a meal. than they kick into gear. a longe shifts, starting after sunrise, hundreds of volunteers to send of the northeast d.c. kitchen. >> what better place to give back? are loadedhe feasts in the vans and then another group of volunteers spans out across the area to make deliveries. greg schneiderman says everyone benefits. >> i often say the most important thing we do is take care of people who are sick. the second most important thing we do is to -- reporter: they work to put food on tables. there was always any for volunteers and donations and an occasional hug. >> enjoy it! reporter: brad bell, abc 7 news.
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kimberly: a real labor of love for sure. americans will spend on average more than one of your $50 on holiday for shopping. the weekly bills can be much higher. horace: linsey davis shows us how one family saint thousands -- saved thousands. reporter: gross receipt of a huge chunk of the family budget. >> we have one son that is 16 weather will soon be 15. they eat a lot. reporter: their grocery bills top $600 a week. that's close to $30,000 a year. >> we cut that anywhere we can. reporter: we elicit the help of abc news's lifestyle editor and headed to the local stop & shop, grocery list in hand. a three-pronged approach the savings. reporter: first, grocery pal with the savings right under mobile phone.
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>> it brings up a list of stores in your area. reporter: it directs you to in-store sales. >> here it is. younger, we need a lot of. , we eat a lot of it. reporter: fixed up on the top and bottom shelves. it's often the better deal. >> the expensive items are the ones that put an eye level. reporter: don't neglect the end of the aisle. these are great prices. finally did you get paid to shop? genevieve says use apps like check out 51. it ask you to watch a video or take a survey. after you done shopping, select your items, scan the barcode and upload your seat. instant cashback. >> we are done grocery shopping. reporter: these simple
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supermarket hacks say to them big. savedsaid $120 -- you $120. kimberly: you have to have extra time to do all that. coming up next at 4:00 -- >> making history. how it is all thanks to a pno. -- piano. kimberly:
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it's just a cough. if you could see your cough, you'd see just how far it can spread. robitussin dm max soothes your throat and delivers fast, powerful cough relief. robitussin dm max. because it's never just a cough.
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kimberly: if you're a movie lover, you have a lot to be grateful for. horace: there is something for everyone, including sports fans and families and thrill seekers. there is something for everyone, including sports fans and families and thrill seekers. reporter: after gobbling down bounds of turkey, an old-school training montage finally -- might help you you like your shedding that holiday meal. back in this time he is coaching the son of late friend and rival apollo creed. >> your father was a great man to me. i think you can be great. reporter:"creed" is pg-13.
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you can count on pixar and their latest flick, arlo makes a human friend. >> what is his name? >> spot! reporter: they must travel through a harsh land and confront their fears. potter and professor x or re-creating one of hollywood's classic partnerships. >> it's alive. reporter: this new twist on a legendary tale tells the story of victor fracking sign from the perspective of his assistant as they try to create life from the dead. >> i shall create a man after our own image. >> questions. reporter: he must fight to save the original mad scientist from the monster he created. " victor frankenstein" is pg-13. i manager spencer. -- i am andrea spencer.
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-- andrew spencer. kimberly: why they believe the turnout was a lot lower for the pope than expected. ♪ horace: the week is not over yet but adele is saying hello to the record books. how many albums has
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horace: an estimated 300,000 people attending pope francis' mass in kenya this morning, far less than originally predicted. they anticipated about 1.4 million to turn out. the declared a national holiday. heavy rainfall was believed to be partially to blame for all of that. it was his first public mass in africa. kimberly: a prince george's county man is making sweet music and history. horace: is the first african-american piano and instrument manufacturer in the world. jeannette reyes toss of the man behind the impressive resume. reporter: the sound of jam sessions usually fill his capitol heights home.
4:47 pm
it's hard not to tap a finger. it's also hard not to notice the grand piano in blazoned with an egg you have probably not heard before. shad. he is making a name for himself in the pno industry -- piano industry. >> challenging the status quo and succeeding is pretty impressive. he is a visionary. reporter: he's a former child prodigy he became a professional drummer and without any piano making industry. competitors are taking notice. >> i have an advantage of understanding and knowing intimately what pianists want to hear. reporter: his father was one of the top technicians in the country. is aunt is a grammy award winner. he wanted something more. it was how i do
4:48 pm
this with zero dollars? intoter: he took the leap dozen three, taking on big names of party any capital. he certainly not hurting now. $22,000 toe from $280,000. >> without any overhead i'm virtually nos overhead. reporter: since his first sale in 2012, they are going global. from weekly appearances on shows like "empire," to rolls-royce showrooms and the vatican. even pope francis wants one. piano ofw the official the vatican is pretty unbelievable. reporter: what you think about what he has accomplished? what he mean, what does he do?
4:49 pm
he cooked breakfast for us. >> he makes a nice cup of coffee. reporter: it's hard not to be impressed. >> how can you just let them go like that and then the fall? >> is all hydraulic. reporter: when you have the vatican on your resume, what is next? apparently lots more. jeannette reyes for abc 7 news. horace: by your friends keep you grounded. used to: she's singing about broken hearts but adele is breaking records. "25" soldr new album more than 3 million copies in the united states. that's a new single week sales record. ♪ horace: it's time for another song in my humble opinion.
4:50 pm
earlier today she nestor first -- her first tour in europe. it will start in february and ending june. she will come around here eventually. ♪ he is like heaven ♪ kimberly: you can call it a sweet treat. he expressed his love for patty labelle's sweet potato pie and delete -- in only a way with a man rocking chanel could. everythingis hosting for thanksgiving dinner at her home in philadelphia. she says she is grateful for his video it will make some special editions just for him. horace: everybody is talking about her sweet potato pie. we showed you some the responses we posted an hour facebook page -- on our facebook
4:51 pm
page. "i think bonnie wrote for my kids, grandchildren and think before god." horace: george says i'm grateful for the roof over my head, bills that are paid and food in my tummy. -- that: " thankful for despite the illnesses that is reflected might siblings we are all still here." horace: one of the many things i think for is the weather. it was awesome. kimberly: it still is. brian: it is still 60 degrees outside right now and that is that something we often get for late in november. we definitely don't keep temperatures this mild. especially after a 32 degree morning. we will keep the warm front but at some clouds. if you're traveling tonight and into tomorrow we will see some showers try to approach. looking across a good chunk of the nation, despite the fact
4:52 pm
there is weather in chicago and portions down through dallas, we have green airplanes up and down the board. everyone, most of the major airports are without delay this evening. that is not too shabby. let's talk about what is in store for the upcoming days and towards the weekend. we are in a pattern that will feature mild weather two more days. tomorrow in the mid-60's. saturday still in the low 60's. saturday,king at rain maybe a spot shower on sunday. i don't think it will ruin the weekend. it will be a bit cooler on sunday but notice it's where we should be. early next week on monday temperatures will be cool with the best of rain in the next seven days on tuesday. back to you. kimberly: jamie: traffic was so nice today. you get some relief if you did at the going to work, to get to drive without a worry.
4:53 pm
fifteenth street near constitution avenue looks great. if you're maybe heading down towards the national mall, we are moving very well. if you're taking metro river it is a sunday schedule. we are clear on the capital beltway. we're seeing that on the inner loop and outer loop. 95 southbound in virginia from the occoquan will only take you about 10 minutes which is normal. you see mostly green. we did have an earlier crash on the inner loop. that is now gone. and heading towards baltimore we are clear on the washington-baltimore parkway and onto 70 heading north towards clarksburg. it is a clear ride. 19 now. that is a look at
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horace: we are just hours away
4:57 pm
to the kickoffs from the black friday sales. the reality is some of them are not worth rushing out for. kimberly: a caution about some deceptive holiday sales so you don't waste your money. reporter: most people in the d.c. area are heading out to buy a electronics, lured in by promises a big markdowns. watch out. some of this holiday season deals may be no better than what you can find any day. sale! this time of year stores make you feel at you have missed the boat if you don't hurry and. double check that deal. consumer reports magazine found a 60 inch samsung tv at $500 off. they said that appears to be an exclusive black friday model, not sold anywhere else at any price. a sony smart tv at $1200 off. the consumer reports says that is off the list price that it rarely sells for. the real savings is just $200.
4:58 pm
deceptive holiday season deals. dozen that stink? consumer reports says the 45 crowds, look it up on amazon and other sites. you might find it's only $100 off and not worth waiting in line for. sure these weekends are for great sales. check to see of the deals are really the deal they claim so you don't waste your money. a breaking news alert. kimberly: coming from the white house where two hours ago admin trade in an american flag scaled the fence. horace: that is despite the spikes involved -- installed on the fence to deter such an act. kimberly: what riches learned about the suspect. reporter: the white house still on lockdown.
4:59 pm
you can look around and see what is going on. the secret service is still patrolling lafayette park. it is been sealed off. tourists watching this very curious,.wondering what happened this unfolded around 3:30 this afternoon. we have a couple of elements. we have some stills of this man going over the fence. he is dressed in an outfit and wrapped in an american flag. temporarycaled the barrier outside the fence. they look like bike racks. then he got over the new and that hassince -- fence spikes on it. a witness told us he got actually over the center part directly in front of the white house and climbed over. got about 10 yards before the secret service picked up on him. they were shouting at him with guns drawn to get down. he did put his hands up on the
5:00 pm
other side. he also dropped an envelope which was later picked up by a robot that was sent to check the guy out. he was apprehended and brought to a northwest gate. he is now under arrest and likely to face trespassing charges. we are told secret service is investigating his car that was parked at the lincoln memorial. all of this of major concern because the first family is inside the white house enjoying their thanks giving debtor. -- thanksgiving dinner. last year omar gonzalez got inside the white house before he was apprehended. the white house still on high alert. authorities investigate who this guy is and what he did this. richard reid, abc 7 news. kimberly: they came just as the first family was preparing for thanksgiving dinner. earlier, the president remarked he hop


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